Crenabular doesn't really welcome you

He just wants you to buy the stock animations he creates with Bill Milbrodt.  Crenabular and Bill sell them through the Shutterstock library.

You'll find them under the names Crenabular Smith, Bill Milbrodt, and Ideas In Media (or IdeasInMedia).

Flowers that grow.  Potatoes and vegetables that shrug.  A hot dog that smiles (a hamburger, too!).

Plus topical stuff:  Branding.  LGBTQ.  And red, blue, and purple states for election and political videos.

Then there are holidays:  Santa, the Easter Bunny, a Halloween witch...and more.

Oh, yeah.  And famous sayings, great for business programs.
So, hurry over to Shutterstock.  Buy our animations for your videos.  And make 'em special!.

Good luck!