Crenabular doesn't really welcome you

Oh, yeah.  And famous sayings, great for business  programs, most with transparent backgrounds so you can composite the images or add your own titles.
Then there are holidays:  Santa, the Easter Bunny, a Halloween witch...and more.
So, hurry over to Shutterstock. Buy our animations for your videos ... to make 'em special!
There's topical stuff:  Branding.  LGBTQ.
You'll find them under the names Crenabular Smith, Bill Milbrodt, and Ideas In Media (or IdeasInMedia).

Crenabular and Bill sell their stock animations through the Shutterstock library.

Flowers that grow.  Potatoes and vegetables that shrug.  A hot dog that smiles...
He just wants you to buy the stock animations he creates with Bill Milbrodt.
And red, blue, and purple states for election and political videos.
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School Bus:  One of several versions.
Flower:  One of several versions.
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Fully Animated Versions
Branding:  One of several versions.
Love:  Several versions.
Election Maps:  All 50 U.S. states, several versions of each.
Christmas, Santa, & Reindeer:  Several options.
Easter:  Bunny also available.
Halloween:  Individual images can be purchased.
Tipping The Scales Of Justice.
Reach For The Stars.