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"Focus On The Move" Live Tour
The web was buzzing. Some people didn't believe that the music in the Ford Focus Orchestra commercial was really performed on the car
part instruments. They simply couldn't sound that good.
To prove that they could, Ford put the instruments on a four-week
live tour of the U.K. under the direction of Jeremy Hart and his
content agency, In©Word. Hart flew Bill Milbrodt to the UK to help
orient new musicians to the instruments, to serve as a press
spokesman for the tour's London kickoff, and to explain the workings
of the instruments to the press.

A song, called "Six O'Clock", was recorded on the instruments at
Genesis' studio in Surrey, England. On it, Mike Rutherford of Genesis
and Mike and the Mechanics played the Brake Booster-Clutch guitar;

Clockwise: Alesha Dixon Music Video; Travis at Royal Albert Hall; Sandi Thom Off-The-Cuff Performance; Milbrodt on BBC "Breakfast".
"...Their time and expertise significantly contributed to the smooth
running of the tour and press appearances ..."
-- Jeremy Hart,    
Founder, In©   
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and Kenney Jones of the Who, Small Faces, and Faces played the Wheel Drums. Students from the Academy of Contemporary Music in
Guildford and members of the National Symphony Orchestra played the other instruments.
The tour was called "Focus on the Move". The live performances included one at London's Royal Albert Hall by members of Travis, a
Scottish rock band. All proceeds from the performances and song downloads went to a charity called the Teenage Cancer Trust.

Worldwide news coverage quickly convinced people that car part instruments could sound that good.
Notes & Credits
Focus on the Move performances were presented in London, Liverpool, and Glasgow. Car Music Project Transport Manager Duke DeLuca was responsible for moving and stage-managing the Ford Focus instruments and venue displays. Venue planning, scheduling, acoommodations, and press were managed by In©Word's tour management team. The Teenage Cancer Trust presents an annual week of concerts at Royal Albert Hall, for fundraising, under the direction of the Who's Roger Daltry. At the end of 2008 Ford of Europe donated the Ford Focus Orchestra instruments to British elementary schools to be used in the teaching of music.