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Bill Milbrodt Bio
Bill Milbrodt is an Emmy Award winning composer and a sound designer who is
known for his innovative explorations into the technology and mechanics of music.
He created the Car Music Project from an ensemble of musical instruments made
from dissembled car parts, then set about composing a suite of original music that
took advantage of their unusual tonal characters. He also produces videos that
fuse real world and contrived elements to create uniquely affected environments.

Milbrodt won the Emmy in New York for his distinctive score for the short feature
"American Venus". He has performed at Lincoln Center with the Car Music Project.
Car Music Project In Ripley's Believe It Or Not Sunday Comic Strip
It was great to meet you Bill and a real privilege to work
with such a character! You made a huge impression on
our media here in the UK and single-handedly restored
their faith in the creativity of the auto industry."
-- Tim Holmes, Executive Director  
Communications & Public Affairs  
Ford of Britain  
Advertising Age
Evening Standard, The Sun (Emma Parker Bowles, Nick Mason), English Digest (China), In Gear (Mike Rutherford, Kenny Jones)
CAR Magazine (UK)